Kelli Green Lawn Service

Below is a brief outline of our lawn care program.  It has been designed to provide you with season-long quality results.

Balanced granular fertilizer and crabgrass preventer.

*LATE SPRING - Slow release granular fertilizer, and broadleaf control (liquid).

*SUMMER - Slow release granular fertilizer, and broadleaf control (liquid). 

*LATE SUMMER - Slow release granular fertilizer, and broadleaf control (liquid). 

*FALL - Apply heavier rate of balanced granular fertilizer to winterize your lawn and promote a quick Spring Green Up. 

PRODUCT - Kelli Green Lawn Service promises to apply only balanced granular fertilizers to promote excellent greening, root development, and plant hardiness. All broadleaf weeds are treated with a liquid treatment for the most effective controls of actively growing weeds.  Surface feeding insects will be treated with granular material.  (This is the only material that will have to be watered-in effective.) 

SERVICE CALLS / GUARANTEE - In the event that you have problems in between our regularly scheduled visits, simply contact us an we will return at no charge within 48 hours to evaluate and correct the problem.  Our guarantee is that we will re-service your lawn for a controllable problem at no additional costs until the particular problem has been corrected.  (Disease, surface insect, and white grub controls are additional costs.) 

TIMING OF YOUR APPLICATION - Upon completion of our first visit, we will schedule each following visit at approximately six to seven weeks intervals. 

INVOICING - Upon completion of each regularly scheduled visit we will leave you an invoice for the day’s services.  We will also leave special information on what was done and any special instructions regarding that treatment. 

ADDITIONAL SERVICES - Kelli Green Lawn Service offers these additional services for our lawn care customers.

  • Surface Insect Control
  • Turf Core Aerifying
  • Special Disease Control Treatments
  • White Grub Control Treatments


Kelli Green Lawn Service
945-B Brown Rd
Orion, MI 48359
Tel: (248)-391-0600
Fax: (248)-391-0606


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